Top Five Networking Resources in the Mansfield Area

The 17th Century poet John Donne once wrote, “No man is an island.” In very few places does that statement ring as true as it does in the business world. Whether it's to become involved in the

Member Spotlight: Dan Cannon

With a background in manufacturing and an interest in CNC, Dan Cannon developed a passion for 3D printing. As one of the newest members of Idea+Works, he’s utilized the space in the basement to

Kitchen Incubator Expert Leslie Schaller to Speak at Idea+Works on April 16

Leslie Schaller, Director of Programs for the Appalachian Center for Economic Networks (ACEnet) located in Athens, will be joining us on April 16th for our community forum. Leslie joined ACEnet in

Top Five Resources for Professional Development in Mansfield

Whether first starting out in the business world or well-established, one of the most important things for professionals to know is where to go when you want to grow. In the fast-paced world of

Idea+Works Doubles Workspace with Innovative Double Decker Desks

At Idea+Works we spend a lot of time thinking about what the future of work might look like, so when one of our members proposed we re-imagine our space, it was a natural fit to explore this

Member Spotlight: Walter Bonham

Walter Bonham's mission is to build, grow, and feed. To build accessible urban farming structures as well as the community, to grow nutritious, fresh produce for the community to enjoy, and to feed

Member Spotlight: Evan Ryan

Evan Ryan, founder of Abundat, saw a problem in how the world works and decided to do something about it. He noticed that many companies have small tasks which could easily be streamlined using

Member Spotlight: Justin Bigelow

Justin is an independent agent with Realty Ohio, and a military relocation specialist. He is a Navy veteran and delved into the world of real estate about two and a half years ago. While still in

Member Spotlight: Kristy Hatfield

Kristy began her journey into entrepreneurship in 2005. She was a stay-at-home mom with three young children, all under the age of four. She founded The Clean Company from her home as a secondary

The Reason My Content Wasn't Working

As a Marketing Director for a regional non-profit, I heard lot about content or “inbound” marketing and I wanted to dip my toes into what that might look like for our organization. I wasn't sure