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Mastermind: Proven Success Through Peer Mentorship

Idea+Works offers a plethora of amazing benefits for its members. We offer an innovative co-working space, full of forward-thinking entrepreneurs trying to make North Central Ohio, and the world, a better place. We provide printers, scanners, office supplies, an office kitchen, and free coffee courtesy of Relax It’s Just Coffee as part of our membership. We have networking events, free after-hours concerts, and world-renown guest speakers. But did you know we also offer a Mastermind group?

The concept of the Mastermind group was first introduced in the 1925 book The Law of Success by Napoleon Hill. Hill studied successful Americans such as Henry Ford, Teddy Roosevelt, John D. Rockefeller, and Charles Schwab to discover the laws of success. The biggest common denominator he noticed was that successful peers held one another another accountable and helped each other solve problems. Many resources such as Forbes, Jack Canfield, Income Diary, The Success Alliance, and Entrepreneur.com, just to name a few, highly suggest joining a Mastermind group to accelerate your success not only in business, but also in life.  The definition Napoleon Hill gave to explain a Mastermind group is, "a small group of people that meet to grow, learn, evolve, and support one another."

In a Mastermind group, you're with your peers, and you work together to overcome each other's obstacles, brainstorm for one another's ideas, encourage everyone to reach their goals, and work together to bring your personal plans to fruition. You're held accountable for your actions, both good and bad, and the group is completely confidential. Everything that happens within the group stays within the group and its members. While there may be a special guest speaker from time to time, it is a peer-to peer group. There isn't a guru or coach that leads the Mastermind group, but rather a facilitator that makes sure the group stays on track, sticks to the agenda, and everyone gets a chance to participate.

Anyone that wants to be more successful should consider joining a Mastermind group. Not only will you be given the opportunity to be more successful in your business, but you'll be given the tools to be more successful in all aspects of life. When you work with your peers to see things from an alternate perspective, you'll learn many things that you didn't even realize you needed to know. You'll be able to see patterns of behavior that you may have been unaware of before, uncover missed opportunities you may have overlooked, feel empowered to pursue things you may not have had the confidence to do so prior, learn how to hold yourself accountable if it's something you've struggled with, and evolve to become a better you.

The Mastermind group offered at Idea+Works has had amazing results for our members.

One of our members, Emily Smith, had a 5-year plan for her business. She began The Odd Sprout Farm as a small start-up. Within six months, she hit her 5-year goal and has surpassed it, using the techniques she's garnered from the Mastermind group. The Odd Sprout Farm is now a well-known spot in Plymouth, and quickly gaining traction around North Central Ohio.

"The Mastermind sessions have allowed me to narrow my focus, so that tasks are manageable that may have felt overwhelming. I have acquired ideas on books, meditation, and techniques that have been helpful in exploring. I find myself talking with others and referring back to the mastermind group for my source or as a contact for them. I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience to evaluate my habits and the groups and what we can learn from them." 

-Kristi Hatfield, Owner,  The Clean Company


We're more than just a co-working space. We're invested in you, your business, and your future!


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