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Member Spotlight: Dan Cannon

With a background in manufacturing and an interest in CNC, Dan Cannon developed a passion for 3D printing. As one of the newest members of Idea+Works, he’s utilized the space in the basement to set up a workshop. There he runs two 3D printers. Dan was always intrigued by the concept of 3D printing, but was hindered by the financial investment required until they became more accessible to the public. Once he purchased his first printer, he got to work mapping out ideas and experimenting with prototypes. 

As a newly created startup, Dan is still laying the foundation of his business and exploring opportunities. Eventually, as technology continues to flourish, he would like to create affordable, easily recycled manufacturing parts to help breathe life back into The Rust Belt. For now, Dan is creating clocks as he hones his devices. You can see the 3D printed clocks for sale on Amazon at https://www.amazon.com/Stoneking-Triangle-Clock/dp/B07P8MVSWJ and visit his website at http://stoneking.llc

When asked what his favorite thing is about Idea+Works thus far, Dan shared that he enjoyed the space, peacefulness, and security. He shared that his homeowner’s insurance wasn’t very keen on the idea of running 3D printers 24/7, and Idea+Works provided him a very affordable and vast space in which to create and innovate. The tranquility of Idea+Works allows him to focus on his projects without loud noises or traditional office chatter, so he may put all of his thoughts towards perfecting his craft. Finally, he has the security in knowing his expensive equipment is safe at Idea+Works.

The membership process includes an interview with Idea+Works leadership. This not only gives prospective members the chance to see how Idea+Works can benefit them, but also allows leadership to get to know the applicant and judge if they would be a good fit for the Idea+Works community. All entrances to the building are locked and armed with security systems. In order to gain access to the building, members are given a registered key fob to scan at entryways, and guests must be buzzed in the front door during regular business hours. With a culture based on the foundations of respect and trust, entrepreneurs, mobile professionals, innovators, and culinary creatives are all able to rest assured that their products, ideas, equipment, and paperwork are in a safe, secure environment. 


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