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Member Spotlight: Evan Ryan

Evan Ryan, founder of Abundat, saw a problem in how the world works and decided to do something about it. He noticed that many companies have small tasks which could easily be streamlined using the power of technology. Using artificial intelligence (AI) for different day-to-day tasks, a company could lower their overhead costs, which in turn would lower the cost for goods & services provided. It would also mean workers wouldn’t have to deal with small, tedious tasks and could instead focus on more important issues at hand within their corporation. This would provide the employees with better pay, more focused specialization, and a better quality of life. After all, 21stcentury problems need 21stcentury solutions!

While in college, he learned more about artificial intelligence programming, deep-learning AI, and how his innovations could benefit not only himself, but the community and the world. 18 months ago, Evan founded Abundat, which can be visited at http://abundat.com, and is currently looking for sales specialists due to the ongoing growth of the company. The company not only offers specialized AI marketing services for companies, but also provides extensive CEO and executive coaching on what AI and deep learning are and have standalone programs. Two programs of interest include one that builds traffic via Pinterest marketing, providing websites over 1,000 clicks per month due to targeting a niche market that’s often overlooked, and a program called LedeAI.

LedeAI is an AI program that has the ability to write news articles. Since it’s deployment, it’s written over 35,000 articles which have been read over 1.5 million times. It can write hundreds of unique news briefs within seconds and automatically publishes them on websites. This program allows journalists to spend more time investigating & gathering stories, and less time typing on a computer. The website for LedeAI is http://ledeai.com.

Evan feels that the unique atmosphere of Idea+Works allows him to step into a different state of mind when here. The open office, skylights, and building full of innovative professionals sparks a creative ambience not often found in a traditional office. His favorite thing about the Idea+Works building is the newly-remodeled Podcast studio. “The sound quality is fantastic,” he shares. Not long ago, Evan conducted an experiment in the basement of Idea+Works, which consisted of an indoor vertical hydroponics garden. This experiment was to see how AI could be used for an indoor, inner-city garden to provide low-cost produce for citizens. Once he gathered the results from his experiment, he partnered up with agricultural specialists to bring this idea to fruition in the future, and it is currently an ongoing project. Innovators like Evan are bringing ideas into reality, and find kindred spirits among those at Idea+Works all working towards a better future.


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