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Member Spotlight: Kristy Hatfield

Kristy began her journey into entrepreneurship in 2005. She was a stay-at-home mom with three young children, all under the age of four. She founded The Clean Company from her home as a secondary income for the family, but within six months, the business grew so rapidly that her husband joined the business, as well. The Cleaning Company now performs commercial cleaning in Richland, Ashland, Crawford, Knox, Marion, and Morrow counties.
The Clean Company offers commercial cleaning, construction clean-up, floor care, maintenance services, medical sterilization, rental property cleaning, and many other specialized services for commercial clients both small and large. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to schedule cleanings, provide free estimates, recommend specific cleaning techniques & products for situations, and to offer information on services available. The Clean Company can be reached at (419) 683-8300 or online at their website: https://cleancompanyservices.com

In 2018, after working out of a home office for 13 years, Kristy decided to join Idea+Works. Having a space outside home allowed her to meet fellow community members, network with fellow innovators, and create a productive space where she could focus on work. “Environment is important to workflow,” she shares. “Just walking in here makes me want to be here. When I come in here, I feel motivated. It’s very inspiring.” Kristy explains that by coming here, rather than working out of a home office, she’s able to focus more on her business and less on multitasking between work and home life.

Kristy states that the financial flexibility makes Idea+Works more beneficial than a traditional brick-and-mortar office space. While she doesn’t require all of the services provided, she enjoys the positive energy and people that call the space home. The different membership types offered allow entrepreneurs, innovators, and freelancers choose what best suits their needs, without the hassle of being locked into a lease. 

Kristy has made use of some of the programs offered by Idea+Works, such as the Mastermind Group. She shares that it’s helped her focus on accountability, both personal and professional, as well as personal & professional growth. She enjoys how she has the opportunity to learn from other people’s experiences, discover what other people are reading, as well as the chance to network. When asked what her favorite thing about Idea+Works would be, Kristy stated, “I love the culture! Everybody wants everybody to succeed.” 
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