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Member Spotlight: Transformation Network

Nestled inside of Idea+Works, Pam Adkins is hard at work helping people from the Mansfield community find stable employment & helping employers find the best candidates for their workforce. Pam is the Mansfield recruiter for Transformation Network, a nonprofit workforce development organization focused on improving lives, strengthening businesses, and building communities. Headquartered in Ashland, there are also offices in Clyde, Ohio and Clarksville, Indiana.

The motto of Transformation Network is “Providing Jobs, Transforming Lives.” They not only provide employment services, but also many other important services to the community. Some of the services Transformation Network offer include life & employment skill training, consultations with businesses to discover the root cause of employee turnover, custom employee training, and second-chance programs for felons, just to name a few. They also offer lectures on things such as employee value propositions, the lost feeder system, and more. 

Transformation Network is currently celebrating their 20-year anniversary. It was founded in July 1999 by Dan Phillip after he spent many years ministering to single moms, those in poverty, people that are incarcerated, and other at-risk populations. He found that many people in poverty or just released from incarceration struggled with addiction, unemployment, homelessness, and basic life skills, and decided to do something about it. By creating a temp-to-hire service, he was able to assume responsibility for the people he ministered to while providing them jobs. This way, businesses would be more likely to hire at-risk populations. Since they are a faith-based nonprofit, Transformation Network receives no public funding, and any profits go back into the services they provide to the communities they help.

Dan explained his reasoning behind choosing Idea+Works for the Mansfield office. He stated that Idea+Works is all-inclusive, met all of the business needs for Transformation Network, is affordable, and he liked being part of a community. He also expressed that the leadership of Idea+Works have the leadership qualities of an organization that he wanted to be a part of. Besides having a dedicated desk where Pam can help the Mansfield community find viable employment, Transformation Network also makes use of the Idea+Works basement space. There, they have a job simulation station to determine a person’s capability to meet the specific work demands of specific job opportunities. This not only reveals if a candidate would be a good fit for a specific position, but also improves placement for businesses, and in turn saves them time & money.

Pam began working in the Idea+Works building last year. Transformation Network went from having a part-time office in Idea+Works open two days a week, to a full-time office in October 2018. Focusing on retention and fit, most of the people placed by Transformation Network become hired in by the businesses they’re assigned to. This not only benefits job seekers, but also businesses; due to Transformation Network placing candidates in positions that have the right skill set to turn a temporary job into a long-term career, businesses have a much lower turnover rate and lower overhead costs. 

There are job seekers currently searching for part-time and full-time work in the manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality, and clerical industries, just to name a few, and Transformation Network is actively looking for more businesses to partner with. Companies interested in utilizing the services Transformation Network offers can visit the website at http://www.transformationnetwork.org or contact Pam directly at pam@transformationnetwork.org for further information.


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