Advice for New Entrepreneurs

With so many people from so many industries all under one roof, Idea+Works is a font of insight, innovation, and inspiration. Many members have commented that one of their favorite aspects of

Member Spotlight: Uncle Rick's Secret Recipe

Richard Yoder, better known as Uncle Rick, delved into creating blends of herbs & spices around 2007. He had a recipe for a rib rub and while it was good, it had room for improvement. After some

Member Spotlight: NoRights Productions

Tucked away at his desk listening to music, Ben Thompson is busy at work drawing, animating, and editing. Around his desk are some of the comic books he’s penned, a mic for voiceovers, a

Member Spotlight: Baden + Grain

David and Alex Yoder are the owners of Baden+Grain, a wood products company that infuses modern style with natural beauty. Within eight months of its founding, there were 40 orders in place for a

Idea+Works Member Emily Allen-Smith Won 2nd place at the Richland Idea Audition!

Emily Allen-Smith, Idea+Works member and founder of The Odd Sprout Farm, won the 2nd place prize of $2,500 for her innovative idea of expanding her farm-to-table dinner series she launched in

Meet the Entrepreneurs

The main thing that makes Idea + Works such a cool place isn't a "thing" at all. It's the entrepreneurs who are our members. When people are curious about this place they need look no further than

Member Spotlight: Torence Anderson

Torence Anderson sees a lot of potential in the local culinary scene. “Why should someone have to go to Cleveland or Columbus to get a three-course meal? We can have fine dining right here!” As a

Member Spotlight: Transformation Network

Nestled inside of Idea+Works, Pam Adkins is hard at work helping people from the Mansfield community find stable employment & helping employers find the best candidates for their workforce. Pam is

Member Spotlight: Dr. Elizabeth Castle

Dr. Elizabeth Castle is the Founder and Executive Director of the Warrior Women Oral History Project. She received her B.A in Race and Gender in Electronic Media from George Washington University

Member Spotlight: Dan Cannon

With a background in manufacturing and an interest in CNC, Dan Cannon developed a passion for 3D printing. As one of the newest members of Idea+Works, he’s utilized the space in the basement to